Insights from the past year

May 012006
Authors: Megan Schulz

The stress of finals has already started to take its toll, so I decided to approach my last column of the year with a lighthearted attitude. In doing so, I have compiled a list of lessons I have learned throughout the year. Some are more significant than others, but I hope you enjoy my thoughts.

8. Ludacris, a.k.a. Chris Bridges, potentially has a great acting career ahead of him. After watching “Crash,” I was impressed by his performance. Normally, I don’t support crossover artists. In my opinion, society has afforded singers such as Mariah Carey and Jessica Simpson too much forgiveness after they have made bad movies and delivered terrible onscreen performances. However, I would support Ludacris if he decided he wanted to become the next Jamie Foxx.

7. I’m not as smart as I think. In other words, I’m gullible. I believed that Nick and Jessica’s marriage would actually last. I was surprised and hurt when it ended. I am fooled all the time by people’s supposed good intentions. Consequently, I am trying to become more of a skeptic.

6. Sudoku is quite possibly as addictive as a drug. I just can’t explain it.

5. Sometimes I learn more from watching TV than I do from actually attending classes. On Sunday night I watched a show on The Learning Channel about primordial dwarfism. I didn’t even know such a thing existed! I should have been studying, but instead I was lured into watching the show because it was so interesting. I caught a tiny glimpse of a life that in no way resembled my own. Amidst all the trash that is on TV, I sometimes find a hidden gem.

4. If Rosie O’Donnell has taught us anything, it’s that some lesbians can be angry. But that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be allowed to marry the one she loves. I am increasingly impressed by the generally cordial attitudes of the GLBT community. It isn’t in government or society’s power to deny gay marriage. Mixing religion and government is a recipe for disaster. We are all guaranteed the same rights.

3. People who post their cell phone numbers on Facebook are desperate and/or want to be stalked. In these days of identity theft, you should set aside your vanity and instead worry about your own safety. The same advice applies to people who post risqu/ pictures of themselves or write that they live for sex, etc.

2. Fort Collins has an impressive selection of restaurants. Either due to my lack of funds or transportation last year, I didn’t leave campus a lot. Now every weekend is a new dining adventure. I’m excited for the extended opportunities that will accompany my 21st birthday. From Bisetti’s to Caf/ Mexicali, I have been pleased.

1. Gambling sucks. Aside from my column about sports gambling and betting on the Rams, I am here to say that it ruins lives. Research and personal experience have served to bolster my opinion. Trust me on this one.

Megan Schulz


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