May 012006

I am appalled that the Collegian verges on calling people opposed to ILLEGAL immigration racists. My grandparents LEGALLY emigrated here from Germany; they were required to speak fluent English as well as pass an American history test that I doubt many current-day Americans could pass. Trying to communicate with an illegal immigrant who doesn’t speak English is very difficult, plus we spend millions of dollars printing documents in both English and Spanish. These are some of the things legal immigration works to help avoid.

You say these illegal immigrants do jobs Americans would refuse, because of low wages. This is one of the reasons why the wages stay so low. Corporate America knows they can bully illegals to do more work for less pay, while using their questionable status as a sort of blackmail. When illegal immigrant children grow up, do you think they will continue taking those low wage jobs? Most certainly not, after receiving a free tax-funded education they will be taking American’s higher wage jobs.

Illegal immigrants are, by law, criminals. Just like any other person in America, they should be punished for breaking the law. We should not give these criminals clemency simply because so many have already worked their way into the system. A long-term solution would be working to boost the economy of Mexico, thus creating jobs and cutting down on the migrants coming here.

Chris Zeh


electrical engineering

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