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Apr 302006

Does anyone know when the Sudoku final is? I’ve been studying all semester, it would be a shame to miss it.

The Bush administration has announced a $104 billion plan to return Americans to the moon by 2018. If we don’t have some wicked-looking futuristic space ships for that amount of money, I’m gonna be pissed.

I agree with the C-103 discussion: never judge a girl by her looks. After four years at the business school, I have learned that as hot as some of the girls are, most of them would roundhouse kick a puppy faster than Chuck Norris if it meant getting the job or internship they want.

Is it bad when the guy at the Wendy’s drive through says to me, “You come here a lot, don’t you?” Thanks, Wendy’s guy for pointing out that I am a loser.

I was walking into Best Buy today and noticed a DVD player and plasma TV on the door of some crazy high-tech refrigerator and I ask, why?

To the SUV/truck driver who put a baseball-sized dent in the back of my car yesterday: thank you for missing my taillight, which would have cost me hundreds of dollars to get repaired. Next time though, could you key “Oops!” into my door? Thanks.

So I was thinking: a major difference between stalkers and boyfriends is that stalkers do what you want boyfriends to do.

So, is anyone else surprised that it took so long to make a movie about 9/11? And while we’re on the subject, anyone not surprised that it received such high praise?

To my fellow peers at CSU: The time has come to rid the Plaza of the hardcore religionists, environmentalists, petitioners, politicians, surveyors and handout advertisers. When you encounter a “Plaza Pest” do what I do and simply say, “Hi, I’m broke, busy, atheist, apathetic and undecided on every issue.”

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