Immigrants here to stay

Apr 302006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Undocumented immigrants are, and should be, here to stay.

Anyone who would want to argue this is filled with irrational hatred and probably ignorance. In fact, we’d wager that a large number of these people are racists.

We don’t think this is a bold claim.

If one were to view this issue rationally, he or she would realize that this nation is stuck with undocumented immigrants. They’re an enormous part of our economy – they do jobs most Americans would refuse for low wages. They do business with us.

We’d all feel the impact if undocumented immigrants were to disappear.

Some would take up a neo-patriotic “War on Terror” banner, saying that Mexico’s borders must be bolstered to protect us against terrorists. While this seems noble and logical enough, why hasn’t Congress been planning on spending billions of dollars to block our Canadian borders?

There’s not so much logic there, after all. Perhaps the truth is that many Americans worry less about Canadians because most of them don’t have brown skin.

But the right-wingers who would like to see undocumented Mexican-Americans sent back to Mexico are the same people who support the American corporations that extract resources from our neighbor to the south, marginalize its people and leave nothing in return.

It isn’t so much what we should do about undocumented immigrants anymore. That decision was made for us long ago, when our society and economy became dependent on their work.

Rather, what our nation must figure out now is how to integrate undocumented immigrants – and tax them – and decide to what extent we ought to go to ease regulations on legal immigration.

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