World Full of Hate

Apr 272006

In response to the opinion article on Tuesday entitled “Hate is a worldwide problem”: Is hate really a global disease? I would say not – I would say that hate is a normal human emotion and often an essential part of doing good.

I know this sounds preposterous and even evil; it sounds radical and unworthy, but let me ask you this: where would the world be without those who hated evil? Think about it, do you not hate rape? Should we not hate murder? Should we not hate selfishness? Did no one feel hate at the idea that someone would punch another for being gay? If no one did, then there is something seriously wrong with this place. Hating people is always wrong.

People should be loved and cared for, and not hated… but people are often the objects in which evil manifests itself. We have a choice; we have a choice between evil and good, not hate and love. We must choose what to love, and we must choose what to hate. You can choose to love evil and hate good, or you can choose to love good and hate evil… and we must make this choice every day, every hour, every minute, every breath that we are alive. Those who have chosen to love evil have chosen to manifest that which is good to hate.

So here is the point: You must make the choice to hate evil. If you choose not to hate, you choose not to play a part in this world. You choose to sit on the sideline and do nothing but be worthless.

Ryan Enoch Seal


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