Apr 272006
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David Anderson will leave CSU this spring as the best player at his position in school history. Last fall, the wide receiver capped off his career by setting school records for catches (222) and receiving yards (3,634) in a career.

But Anderson isn’t concerned about where he stands among all-time greats at CSU.

“I broke a couple records, but they’ll be broken, so that really doesn’t mean too much,” Anderson said.

Anderson, who is also the school record-holder for catches and receiving yards in a single season, is more focused on his future and this weekend’s NFL draft than any records he has set.

However, you won’t find Anderson watching any of ESPN’s 15 hours of draft coverage on Saturday and Sunday.

Watching Mel Kiper Jr. analyze over 250 picks while eagerly waiting to hear his name would be torture for Anderson.

Instead, the CSU senior will relax with his brother alongside his fully charged cell phone in case an NFL team needs to contact him with some good news.

The wideout has been trying to keep his mind off the hundreds of different possibilities that could occur over the weekend, one which will shape his future for years to come.

“I try not to think about it. It’s something everyone wants to ask you about, something you can’t really avoid, something that’s on TV about 24 hours-a-day,” he said.

According to a recent poll conducted by ESPN.com, the draft was found to be more anticipated by sports fans than both the NBA playoffs and Major League Baseball’s regular season.

When asked when he expects to get drafted, Anderson had little idea.

“(I guess) anywhere from the third round to free agency, which isn’t cool because I doubt I’m a third-rounder and I doubt I’m a free agent,” Anderson said.

No one can deny Anderson’s production throughout his college career, but his size will likely prevent him from being chosen on Saturday, when the first three rounds are completed. At 5-feet 11-inches tall and weighing in at 193 pounds, Anderson is considered undersized at his position in NFL.

Although his size may prevent him from being a first-day selection, it won’t necessarily restrict him from making an impact at the next level.

What Anderson lacks in size, he makes up for with effort.

It’s possible that he may find himself playing special teams as a kickoff or punt returner in addition to being a fourth or fifth receiver on Sundays next fall.

Anderson has hired an agent, but said it doesn’t make knowing when he could get drafted any easier.

To stay fresh for a possible rookie camp this summer, Anderson has been routinely working out with fellow draft hopeful and fellow Ram Justin Holland.

Holland is equally unsure about his future playing football.

“I’m just anxious to find out. I’m sick of all this waiting, it feels like it’s taking forever,” the senior said.

Once his playing days are over, Holland said he will likely return to CSU to become a coach.

While there are many mock drafts that guess the order of picks in the first round, predicting rounds four through seven- where Anderson is likely to go – is nearly impossible.

“If you can’t even predict the second pick in the draft, how are you going to predict the 160th and 190th pick?” he said.

If Anderson is selected, he would become the seventh wide receiver in school history to be picked in the NFL draft. The most recent receiver to get picked was Darran Hall, who was selected in the sixth round of the 1999 draft by the Tennessee Titans.

The draft starts at 10 a.m. on Saturday and will air on ESPN.

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