Apr 272006
Authors: AARON SCHOONMAKER The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Recently, I had the chance to catch up with Klint Kubiak, CSU safety and son of Houston Texans head coach (and ex-Denver Broncos quarterback and offensive coordinator) Gary Kubiak. With spring practices done and the NFL draft looming, I hoped to get the scoop on the freshman defensive back, the Rams and the No. 1 pick in the draft (which the Texans hold).

Q: You were born in Houston and grew up in Colorado … What made you choose Colorado State?

A: Basically, it was the football. Coach (Sonny) Lubick gave me a scholarship and a chance to play. When I was young I saw myself going to (Texas) A&M or somewhere like that, but it didn’t work out that way.

Q: You got some playing time last season as a freshman both at safety and on special teams. Now the starting safety job may be up in the air, what one thing did you learn that gives you the advantage this season?

A: It is different going against big time athletes. My experience is a huge confidence boost. I’ve been there now, it’s not the first game anymore, so I know what to expect.

Q: You’ve seen the reports of the poorly funded athletic department. If you had the money, what is one thing you would do for CSU sports?

A: I would like an indoor facility for the football team for the practices on the cold days. But I’m biased and I know all of the other sports have their needs too. An indoor facility would be sweet though.

Q: What is your prediction for the team next season, right now?

A: The way I see it, we’re No. 1 in the conference. If you think you’re second or third, that’s all you’ll ever be. So we’re going to win the conference. As far as the country goes, we’ll have to see how it plays out, but you have to expect to be the best.

Q: There is a lot of debate over players leaving early to go pro. If you were in a position to be a top draft choice early, would you take it?

A: You know, for some guys it may be a situation where financially it’s the best move. I’ve always told myself I would finish school. Getting an education would be number one in my book, but I guess you’d have to be there to know.

Q: Some sources have either Justin Holland or David Anderson (or both) getting drafted in the late rounds. You’ve been on the field with both, where do you put them?

A: They’re both great players and good guys. I think they both deserve to be in the NFL. I’m not Mel Kiper Jr. (ESPN draft analyst) so I couldn’t tell you exactly where they’re going. But I wish them the best of luck wherever they go.

Q: Your dad, Gary, put in over 20 years with the Broncos. How hard was the decision to move to Houston on him and the family?

A: It was definitely hard for him. But Houston is pretty much home for us. Being from Houston, it was kind of a dream for him. As a family we know how hard he has worked and he deserves everything. We just wish him the best.

Q: He was a quarterback, you’re a safety. How did that happen, and would you pick him off?

A: It happened because I can’t throw like him. I wasn’t blessed with the arm strength. I played receiver and defensive back in high school and that worked better for me. And, yes, I would pick him off. I’ve looked at some film and he doesn’t look off the safeties.

Q: If you were your dad, and the coach of the Houston Texans, who do you draft with the No. 1 pick?

A: I think you’ve got to take Bush, right? He’s the best athlete I’ve ever seen coming out of school. I ask my dad almost every day and he won’t tell me, he just gives short answers. But I’m not the one studying those guys every day.

Q: So who finishes with the better record next year, the Texans or Broncos?

A: Tough question, you’re trying to get me in trouble. I’ll always be a Broncos fan, but I have to go for my dad. I hope they meet in the playoffs and the Texans win. But I’ll be cheering for both.

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