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Apr 262006

I would like to set the record straight, in response to Mike Donovan’s article “Beware of the sophomore dorms” in the April 17 edition of the Collegian. The team at University House at Ram’s Pointe prides itself on providing our residents with a great college experience – regardless of the lifestyle they choose. While we cannot dictate how people live their lives, learning to live in proximity with those who have different opinions, styles and tastes is an important part of becoming an adult – and our company is proud to facilitate that process with more than 16,000 students in our communities across the country.

We would like your readers to know the following:

/ First and foremost, we take the safety of our residents very seriously. As was referenced in the article, a series of intrusions were reported in the area surrounding campus in September 2005. While no one was harmed, one of these intrusions was reported at University House at Ram’s Pointe. Within 24 hours of the incident, we distributed letters to all residents to notify them of the situation, and provided safety tips to post on their refrigerators. In addition, we increased our courtesy patrol staff for 30 days, and offered self-defense classes to all residents free of charge. We are very proud of our team’s response to this incident, and we know it to be unparalleled in the industry.

/ University House at Ram’s Pointe serves more than 650 residents, each of whom is an independent individual and as such is entitled to make their own decisions regarding how they manage their studies and social life. Our courtesy patrol is on-site to assist in situations that require an immediate response and will involve the police when legal or criminal action is required.

/ Our company policy dictates a 48-hour response time on all maintenance requests, once the request is submitted to our leasing office. Mr. Donovan’s unit did in fact submit two work orders for the screen door, both of which were fulfilled on the same day they were filed – September 30, 2005 and October 20, 2005.

/ University House is committed to creating a comfortable and friendly environment where students can enjoy off-campus freedom. As part of this, we host regular social gatherings and events where people can get to know their neighbors.

/ In addition, we gather feedback from our residents on a regular basis to ensure their satisfaction. We polled Mr. Donovan in November 2005 and he stated that he would in fact “recommend our community” and his level of satisfaction was between “very happy and “ok.”

Dianna Goodman

Community Manager for Rams Pointe

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