Ram Talk

Apr 252006

In the rush to become, we lost sight of what we are, what we could accomplish. Life is a super-ordinate experience; individually we are bound to fail. Happiness within a neutral cosmos is achieved together. Don’t look – but smile at the sun.

There is nothing like sitting around on a Friday night (preferably at Sulli’s, Lucky Joe’s, or even the Ramskellar), drinking an ice-cold microbrew, talking about the week’s RamTalks.

I like how the Avs are not only in the playoffs, but they’re actually doing really well, and there’s not a word about it in the Collegian. Oh well, the Avs are doing well as somewhat ignored underdogs anyway – GO AVS!!

Today in class I look to my neighbor’s computer screen in utter glee to see half-naked pictures of the hot girl who is presenting. Thanks, Facebook!

It’s too bad college professors can’t send students home for being too dirty like in elementary school. But then what would all the CU students do?

To the guy who wants to start a strike against all the housing companies, especially apartment complexes: You can count me in.

Did anyone else see the “No Talking in the Restroom” sign on the girl’s bathroom by Clark A101? I think that’s just a man’s way of stopping girls from going to the bathroom in groups!

It’s snowing!

Dear Time Traveler, I am your man. I will be able to keep my wits about me in a sticky situation. Also, my knowledge of history may serve us well. I am excited about this venture. However, I require some details of our trip before I commit. P.S. I don’t do dinosaurs.

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