Ram Talk

Apr 242006

Why is the “San Francisco Treat” made and packaged in Chicago?

Thank you to the person who left two hours and 30 minutes on the meter outside Rockwell! That was exactly how much time I needed!!!

Girls – you need to stop with the big sunglasses thing. They are ugly and do nothing to turn me on.

$1.2 million for a plastic football field. Wow, that really makes my turf management degree from an agricultural school worthless, along with the 55 other students in the program and all the other alumni. Thanks for that one.

I think more people should walk through the grassy area next to the plaza. It makes playing Frisbee risky and exciting. Throwing through spaces between moving people is thrilling. Sorry if you’ve ever been hit by a disc.

I took a stroll through campus at around 3 a.m. the other night. If only I had a pair of wire cutters I’d have about 30 new bikes. Leaving your bike on campus on the weekends creates an adventure for intoxicated students.

Has anyone else noticed there are no brown cats?

Seriously, what’s been up with the wind blowing so much lately? Last time I checked, we didn’t live in freakin’ Wyoming. Can we rally to make the wind stop?

Collegian: next year can we please try “Eighth anniversary of massacre remembered” instead of CELEBRATED!?

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