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Apr 232006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

CSU is a green campus, and that is golden for our environment.

But cheesy wordplay aside, CSU really is an environmentally friendly community.

As proof, CSU students won fourth place in the national Recycle Mania 2006, moving up from seventh place in 2005.

Our university also began working on sustainability, which is maintaining a clean and healthy environment, when then-president Albert Yates signed the Talloires Declaration in 2001.

The declaration includes 10 actions that are agreed upon, including “establishing programs to produce expertise in environmental management,” and “working with national and international organizations to promote a worldwide university effort toward a sustainable future.”

In April 2004 the CSU Facilities Management Department was awarded the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce 2004 Overall Environmental Business Award at the Chamber’s 100th annual dinner.

Also in April 2004, Carol Dollard, a utility engineer at CSU, told the Collegian that CSU had implanted $2 million into energy and water conservation projects.

Recycling isn’t just something that the stereotypical granola-eating, tree-hugging, Birkenstock-wearing hippy type does anymore. It should be an automatic reflex for everybody, like putting ketchup on French fries or flushing the toilet.

We’ve spent years degrading our environment; now it’s our responsibility to try to reverse what we have done.

Kudos to CSU for moving in the right direction.

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