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Authors: Melissa Edwards

As the perfect treat to coincide with Earth Day, an international event honored Saturday to celebrate the environment, students who live in CSU’s residence halls learned they placed fourth in a national recycling competition.

Recycle Mania 2006 was the sixth annual competition among nearly 100 universities across the nation to encourage the use of old materials to create new materials and to reduce excess waste.

Last year, CSU placed seventh overall, so the move up to fourth place meant a lot to some CSU students.

Joanna Thomas, junior technical journalism major and a Resident Assistant in Parmelee Hall, said recycling has always been one of her passions, so she was excited to see student participation in the residence halls.

“Ever since I was little, my parents taught me the importance of recycling because it’s a little way of helping future generations,” she said. “I just really wanted to help the CSU campus with what was going on.”

Recycle Mania was incorporated into this year’s Hall Olympics, so incentives for recycling this year were high. Though each residence hall competed vigorously to collect recyclables and minimize waste reduction, Ingersoll Hall came out victorious. The trophy was awarded on Friday during CSU’s Rock Away with Earth Day celebration, where students gathered to play games and visit informational booths about Earth Day.

For other students, recycling may not have been the most important part of Earth Day, but they still took time to appreciate the international day of recognition for our environment.

Laura Manes, junior psychology major, said that she tries to recycle when she can, but she just enjoys the chance to be outside and be a part of the environment.

“I really enjoyed the nice weather,” she said. “It’s just a good way to spend the day. It makes you realize how giving back to the environment, even in little ways, really can benefit everyone.”

Kameron Gateley, sophomore sociology major, said he spends a lot of his free time outdoors, so he appreciates the efforts made to celebrate Earth Day.

“It’s nice to have a day where everyone can come together and appreciate the environment,” he said. “Plus, I made my roommate plant a tree because he once backed over somebody else’s.”

Though Earth Day and Recycle Mania are over until next year, Thomas said she thinks some students have learned the benefits of waste minimization through this year’s competition.

“Toward the end, the students got really good about recycling newspapers and other items they used in their classes,” she said. “I think they learned more about what can be recycled and what facilities are available on the CSU campus.”

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