Nascar VS your car

Apr 202006
Authors: Mike Donovan

NASCAR is taking over Sports Friday and The Collegian staff thought it would be interesting to compare the average NASCAR to the average college student’s car. For this comparison, we enlisted the help of Daniel Limbert, a senior horticulture major, and his 1994 blue Ford Taurus. Dan’s car is going head-to-head against Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Chevy Monte Carlo.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Car

2006 Chevy Monte Carlo

-According to Fox Sports, the Monte Carlo costs $125,000 to be built and has a trade-in value of priceless.

-Dale goes through over 15 Monte Carlos each year, and each one is provided by his late father’s company, Dale Earnhardt, Inc.

-The Monte Carlo can reach a top speed of 200 mph and usually travels at an avergage speed of 180 mph.

-Dale was cited for speeding twice in one race in Atlanta last year, but returned the next race and finished fourth.

-Each Chevy usually lasts three races and ends up with a total of 1,500 miles on them.

-Dale has his own front tire carrier, gas man and jack man. He also has a pit crew of seven for each race.

-Dale has been in 23 accidents or wrecks during his seven full seasons on the NASCAR circuit.

-Dale’s car has eight associate sponsors and one primary sponsor, which is Budweiser.

-On Dale’s car, there are over 30 company logos placed throughout the sides, hood and bumper.

-Each inch of Dale’s car is specifically designed for his Monte Carlo and put together by professional mechanics.

Daniel Limbert’s Car

1994 Ford Taurus GL

-According to Kelly’s Blue Book, Dan’s Taurus has an approximate retail value of $2,400 in excellent condition and a trade-in value of $750.

-Dan has had his Taurus since 2001 and bought it from a neighbor.

-The Taurus’ speedometer goes up to 90 mph, but any speed over 85 causes the car to shake.

-Dan was cited for speeding in Florida, and his mom wouldn’t let him drive his car for a month.

-Dan’s Taurus has 152,000 miles on it.

-Dan got his Taurus serviced last October by Nick, the mechanic at Jiffy Lube.

-Dan has been in one accident in his six years of driving on the american interstate highway system.

-Dan’s car has no sponsors, however, he does drink the occasional Budweiser.

-On Dan’s car, there are no logos, however, there is bird poop on the side door and dust covering the lower half of each side.

-Most of Dan’s car parts are original, however, his bumper is from a 1995 green Taurus and was put on by his roommate.

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