Apr 202006

In Wednesday’s Collegian there was an article by Luci Storelli-Castro regarding the duplicity of several prominent Christians in America. I agree with Luci’s points about the hypocrisy of these Christian leaders, although I feel there are several points about Christianity that need to be clarified.

Luci mentions that she has skimmed the Bible before. That’s awesome! I encourage everyone to read at least the New Testament of the Bible. In doing so you will discover that Jesus never exalted himself politically; rather, he constantly rebuked the Jewish leaders for their hypocrisy and self-righteous attitudes. Jesus was concerned primarily with one thing: loving people.

In her article, Luci points out several prominent Christians who have not been acting like Christians in certain ways. I agree, but Christianity is not a club for perfect people; it is truth for those who know they fail constantly and remain desperate for help. I also agree that those who use Christianity for personal gain (like some politicians) are wrong in doing so. Christians shouldn’t go around accusing and judging others, rather we should love greatly and live in a manner that shows others the truth we’ve found.

Christians should remember that Jesus did not focus on politics while he was on earth. That said, we should vote, but we shouldn’t rest our hope in politicians, who will rarely produce any real good.

I plead with you all, do not judge Jesus based on the leaders portrayed in the news, judge based on truth: Christianity is about love (John 15:12), not about whining and accusing others. There are certain things that God says are wrong and everyone, individually, has failed to act in a way that God wants (Romans 3:23). But even in our fallen state, God loves us so much that he personally came down and died to save us from ourselves (Romans 5:8). For someone to be saved though, they need to tell God that they accept this gift and want to spend their lives following Jesus (Romans 10:9).

Please don’t form your opinions about Christ based on these hypocritical leaders you see in the world, but form your opinions based on truth.

Steve Parker


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