Yellowcard goes to Moby

Apr 192006
Authors: Dominic Graziano

In the past, the Association for Student Activity Programming (ASAP) has brought big name bands to Moby Arena. This year, Yellowcard will be joining the ranks of bands like 311, POD and O.A.R.

This weekend marks the ninth stop on an 18-venue tour for the Virgin College Mega Tour. The tour features Yellowcard, Mae and Over It. But Heike Mannix, concert coordinator for ASAP said tickets at CSU have not been selling as well as on other college campuses.

“(Yellowcard’s) new album didn’t do well,” Mannix said, “so tickets for the tour are not selling as well as expected.”

Mannix, a sophomore business marketing major, supported her advisers’ decision to make tickets for the tour’s stop at CSU buy one/get one free.

“We are trying to stimulate ticket sales (to give) more students the opportunity to come,” Mannix said.

Students who had bought tickets at full price can bring in their original ticket and get their second free ticket at the box office.

Allan Ewert, a senior history major, bought his ticket three weeks in advance. He said his extra ticket will go to a friend who doesn’t attend CSU.

“I’ll give it to him, but I would have preferred to get some money back instead of another free ticket,” Ewert said. “I’m moderately enthused about Yellowcard.” He added that he is more excited to see Mae at the concert.

Brynn Murrell was another student who bought her ticket ahead of time.

“It was for my sister’s birthday, but I could only afford one,” Murrell said. “I was pretty excited when they made them buy one get one.”

Murrell, a senior psychology major, had a speculation about why the tickets were buy one get one free.

“Not enough have been sold,” Murrell said. “In comparison to the Fray, Yellowcard may not be as popular.”

The Fray, who played at Moby Arena on March 26, sold around 3,000 tickets for their concert. Moby seats about 5,700 for concerts.

Mannix said that it was hard to get students to come to this concert because there were two groups planning two concerts a month apart.

Mannix did not have a ticket count for the upcoming concert.

“We don’t have an accurate count because the tickets are being sold online as well as at the box office,” Mannix said.

Sarah Rue, a freshman art major, and Sarah Miehe, a freshman psychology major, both bought their tickets after they became buy one get one free.

“My friends are all going, and I like Yellowcard,” Miehe said.

“I saw Yellowcard a couple years ago and got to meet the band,” Rue said. “I called my roommate when I saw they were buy one get one and she wanted to go too.”

Festivities for the concert start at 1 p.m. Saturday on the West Lawn. The tour’s sponsors will be setting up booths and tents for concert giveaways. Doors for the concert open at 6 p.m. and the concert starts at 7 p.m.

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