Ram Talk

Apr 192006

In honor of the creepiest RamTalk hook-up proposal ever: Does anyone else think it would just be awesome if everyone wore yellow shirts this Friday to the Rec. Center?

Anyone game to take a plunge into the lagoon when finals are over? You all know it would be fun…

Why is there always that one girl who didn’t get the memo about the freezing weather? It was 46 degrees the other morning and some girl in a miniskirt and tank top was complaining about the cold. Honey, just because it was hot the day before doesn’t mean you’re in the clear!

I think we should get the whole CSU Rams Cycling men’s A-team to out-run the bike police. Those guys are fast, and it would be great entertainment!!

I tried to save a horse and ride a cowboy, but it turns out he didn’t appreciate it in the end. Does that qualify as false advertisement on behalf of the music industry?

Here’s a question to discuss when you’re talking with your friends at 3 a.m. about the meaning of life: “Will humans be around long enough to where squirrels demand equal rights?” Think about it, is it really that bizarre?

To the guy who likes to wear jeans when it’s 110 and 85 percent humidity, I’ve only got four words for you, Gold Bond Economy Size!

GOT CONSENT? One in four women will be sexually assaulted during her lifetime. Be Aware. Support Take Back The Night.

Around 1 p.m. yesterday, just like all other days, I left class expecting to hear the incoherent rambling of the guy on the rock. Sure enough, there he was, however I was delighted to hear a saving hymn of grace drown him out in the form of bluegrass music. On behalf of everyone at CSU, thanks southern twang trio, thanks.

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