New CSU Deans

Apr 192006
Authors: Caroline Welch

Liberal Arts and engineering came together Wednesday when CSU officials appointed permanent deans for each college.

For the College of Liberal Arts, Ann Gill was appointed after serving as interim dean for the college.

Sandra Woods, dean of the College of Engineering, came to CSU in 2001 from Oregon State University, where she taught classes in civil engineering. She served on the Council of Deans, the Diversity Coordinating Council, the Commission on Women and Gender Equality and the College of Engineering Executive Committee.

Woods also served as CSU’s vice provost from February 2004 to June 2005. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University. She earned her master’s and her doctorate from the University of Washington.

Woods received an award for Outstanding and Inspirational Teaching at OSU, and said she is thrilled about this new position.

“I am committed to helping the College of Engineering deliver high-quality programs that will meet student needs,” Woods said. “This is an extraordinary college with great faculty, staff and students. I am particularly excited about the opportunities we have to build on our strengths over the next several years as we implement our strategic plan, develop new programs and build our faculty numbers.”

Planning to focus on globalization, Woods said she wants to help students work in a world without boarders.

“(We plan) to prepare engineering graduates to work globally,” Woods said in an e-mail interview. “This is increasingly important for engineers – as companies are becoming global and problems are international in scope.”

To achieve this goal, Woods said, “We’re addressing this need by working on developing additional opportunities for our students including: study abroad, international internships, international service learning (such as Engineers without Borders), international curricula and a ‘professional development institute.'”

Locally, Woods said the college wants to focus on increasing the number of faculty in the college.

“This will allow us to expand the number of programs and opportunities for students while reducing class sizes,” Woods said.

Gill has worked in many capacities at CSU. Gill joined the CSU faculty in 1980 as a speech communications instructor before becoming an assistant professor in the department in 1986 and an associate professor in 1994. Gill was named chair in 1990.

Between 1999 and 2001, she was a special assistant to the dean of Liberal Arts, and became associate dean in 2001. She received her bachelor’s degree in speech communications from Western State College, and her masters from CSU.

She received her juris doctor degree from University of Colorado Law School in 1979 and her doctorate in speech communications from the University of Denver in 1986.

Gill has also served as the chair of the Commission on Women and Gender Equality at CSU.

“I am very excited about this appointment,” Gill said. “I have been part of the CSU community for a long time and have come to care deeply for the university. To work in this capacity with such a wonderful faculty and group of students in the College of Liberal Arts is truly an honor.”

As the dean of the largest college on campus, Gill said she wants to continue to help the college be successful.

“I hope to continue to create a climate in which both faculty and students can be successful in their academic pursuits and to create an open and caring atmosphere and to engage our alumni,” Gill said. “It is a wonderful opportunity to lead the College of Liberal Arts, which is at the core of what universities are all about.”

Hoping to tackle the topic of the year, Gill said, “One of my goals is to be sure we have adequate funding to support our students and faculty in their programs.”

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