Apr 192006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Forcing the students of CSU to purchase health insurance is an awful idea, and so is ASCSU resolution #3513.

Four members of ASCSU have decided it would be in the general interest of the students at CSU to be required to carry health insurance in order to attend school. In a perfect world (in which we do not live), everyone would have quality health insurance available to them at reasonable rates. But, as many of us know, medical care and health insurance in this country is often available only to those who can afford it.

Unfortunately, it seems as though the ASCSU supporters of resolution #3513 are unaware that some of those same people who are struggling to make ends meet actually attend CSU. Forcing the low-income students of our university to buy into a program that they may not be able to afford will make the challenge of earning a degree that much harder.

Furthermore, the reasoning behind the bill often fails to hold up to any litmus test of logic. The resolution states: “Financial debt, often related to medical expenses, is the most common reason that students drop out of college…”

So the answer to alleviating financial debt is to incur a large, mandatory bill on everyone? Does the ASCSU plan to reimburse these financially burdened students if they end up not using the insurance while in school? Not likely.

Perhaps if ASCSU was so concerned with the overall health of the student body they would spend more time working to provide nutritional food on campus. How about making more exercise classes mandatory? Maybe don’t sponsor programs that are centered on a students’ supposed need to become inebriated without a ride.

We aren’t actually endorsing any of the above ideas; we are just trying to prove a point. If the ASCSU is going to watch over our bodies with such concern, why not go all the way?

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