Apr 192006

Mr. Chapman: are you familiar with the saying “silence is consent?” Perhaps you’ve heard of the First Amendment, which our founding fathers fought and died for. Your assertion that dissenting musicians should shut up is absurd, especially coming from the press.

Perhaps you should tell the Right Band to shut up about their unoriginal, corny and factually inaccurate song, “Bush Was Right.” I saw this posted in a funnies section on a forum, right where it belonged, except these guys take themselves seriously.

If you’re more concerned with the artistic value over political statements, censor this one first. I’m guessing these guys did not understand that America is a satire, not an anthem.

On the other hand, I think you chose easy targets to lambast: the Dixie Chicks? Green Day? Please… have you heard anything from Ministry’s upcoming Rio Grande Blood or their previous album’s smash NoW.

With a Bush approval rating of 35 percent, the amount of anti-Bush music versus pro-Bush music should reflect this. People are not happy with the Iraq war. People are not happy with illegal wiretapping. People are not happy with the actions of the Bush Administration, personified as George W. Bush. Some of these people have stature as musicians and actors and are using that visibility to express their opinions, just like you are doing in the Collegian. If you don’t like it, you can change the channel, turn the page, snap your copy of their CD in half, or turn off your radio.

So YOU shut up…you ought to know better.

Tim Bessler



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