I’m more famous than you

Apr 192006
Authors: Jenny Ivy

Tom Cruise told Diane Sawyer of ABC’s “Primetime” on Friday that those who choose a life of Scientology can also be Catholic; they can also be Jewish, he added.

So Tom, does this apply to your 27-year-old fiancee, Katie Holmes, as well?

After a lifetime of Catholic upbringing, Holmes has decided to punt-kick her religious identity, not to mention her autonomy and freedom, out the window.

For Holmes, it’s not a little from column A and a little from column B between Catholicism and Scientology. No, she’s committed herself to all that is Mr. Cruise, giving in, it seems, to his almost godly notoriety. And with the couple’s recent bundle of joy, Suri, born Tuesday, Holmes sealed the deal; launching herself from Cruise’s tag-along girlfriend, to mother of his child and the paprazzi’s number one target.

At the beginning of the TomKat era, Holmes admitted to having a huge crush on the 43-year-old super star when she was a little girl.

Who didn’t?

Even confirmed lesbian Rosie O’Donnell admitted to having an almost criminal obsession with Cruise when she sputtered like a schoolgirl while interviewing him on her daytime talk show, which ended in 2002.

The release of “Top Gun” in 1986 catapulted Cruise as a sex symbol. Even today, women are willing to cut off their right pinky finger just for a chance to date him. So, in retrospect, changing religions may not seem so far-fetched.

But just how far are celebrities willing to go to please their iconic spouses? “Dating” is not even in the vocabulary of some celebrities on their quest for true love.

Come on, shall we even call it “true love” or nuptial entrapment?

Case in point, Michael Douglas and Britney Spears. In what I like to call the “Hey I’m more famous than you, so you should feel lucky I’m even talking to you” complex, which these two have, both admitted to knowing full-well that they were going to marry their now-spouses the first time they saw them.

Douglas’s wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, had her career launched into orbit by the Hollywood royalty name he holds, and Spears’ husband, Kevin Federline (or lovingly called K-Fed by paparazzi), has been cha-chinging his way toward making a name for himself in the tabloids.

He only gave up a long-time girlfriend and a baby girl.

So, rest in peace glamour. So long, Hollywood glitz. Hello, bitter divorces, child support and cashing in on a famous name.

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