Apr 192006
Authors: Mary Swanson

ASCSU debated and sent into committee a bill that would mandate student health insurance.

Resolution 3513 is a statue that would require any student without health insurance to be insured by Hartshorn Health Center.

“Low income students can’t afford health insurance even with financial aid,” Senator Taylor Dunn said in debate. “I think this bill would keep students from coming here.”

This sentiment that seemed upheld by the majority of the Senate. One senator even called the bill “discriminatory.” Despite an overwhelming sense of negation, the Senate declined to vote on the issue and opted to send it into committee for possible revision.

Senator Sarah Conrad believed sending the bill into committee would be best. Then, she reasoned, senators could discuss eliminating a clause that would require worldwide insurance for students abroad, limiting the mandate to graduate students or investigate the possibility of low income subsidization.

Sent to the committee of Community Student Issues, senators intend to obtain further input from students in their respective colleges before they vote on the resolution next week.

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