Apr 182006

I am writing this letter in response to Tyler Wittman’s most recent xenophobic rant. In Tyler’s April 11 article entitled “Tact Continues Poor Showing in 2006,” Tyler claimed the recent immigration rallies supported communism and psychopathic mass murders.

I read the paper, I watched cable and network news and I did not read or see anything that suggested communism or murderers like Che Guevera that were reasons for the protests.

Is it possible that a few individuals may have held these beliefs? Sure. But I would argue that it is completely inaccurate to suggest that the immigration protests had anything to do with communism or Che Guevera, as Tyler claimed.

To support a radical ideology people often need to gain their information from radical sources that twist facts to suit their needs.

This will breed viewpoints that don’t make sense to most people. I believe Tyler is simply a manifestation of a growing problem in our society, one that currently is not very serious, but if left unaddressed, has the potential to become very dangerous.

The problem I am talking about is a growing trend of religious and social radicalism that appears to be undermining traditional Christian and conservative thought. Many conservatives may scoff at my assertion and accuse me of being guilty of my own argument.

If this is so, then I would ask you to compare and contrast the views held by Theodore Roosevelt and George W. Bush. These were both Republicans and the first presidents of the 20th and 21st century, respectively.

Also, when you read Tyler’s articles, ask yourself if what he is saying is consistent with professional news sources and does it makes common sense. If not, please ask yourself, why?

James C. Carlson

graduate Student


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