We need alumni support

Apr 182006

This is a letter regarding recent developments around the athletic department. This is more than just a commentary or arrogant rambling.

It is instead a desperate plea to Ram Fans everywhere. I consider myself an avid college sports fan, and my opinions on issues extend far beyond the boundaries of College and Shields. I have been to other college campuses and seen firsthand how successful programs operate. One of the first and most glaring differences is alumni support.

I recently attended a football game on the campus of Arizona State University and was amazed at the fan turnout. There is no question in my mind that a typical Ram student section was larger and more visible than the Sun Devil students who were on hand. However, Sun Devil Stadium was filled to capacity, all 73,379 seats we occupied. Our “fans” can barely fill three-fourths of our 30,000-seat stadium.

The problem is alumni and community support. A town that boasts a population of nearly 300,000 and an alumni pool that spans nearly a century should be able to fill the remaining 20,000 seats that students do not have access to.

This atrocity makes a mockery of our famous war chant that claims that we are “PROUD TO BE A CSU RAM.” There is has never been a better time to wear our green and gold in support of what we all claim to be so proud of.

Addison Cilli



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