Apr 182006

If anybody else on the CSU campus read last Tuesday’s article written by JP Eichmiller, then you were probably as distraught as I was.

The editor in chief made a joke of himself by the way he talked about the current situation regarding the athletic department. He clearly has no sense of Ram Pride or common sense.

This is not the first time that his shoddy commentary on CSU athletics has led me to promptly tear my paper in half in the middle of class.

The mere suggestion of tearing down Hughes is not only impractical, but would solve nothing. The cost of tearing down and then rebuilding would do nothing to improve the performance of our Rams on the field. Hughes has become a staple of the CSU students as well as the Fort Collins community.

So, instead I say, “To Hell with Eichmiller.” His other point about bringing club sports into our Division I program just shows that he does not know the first thing about what goes on in an athletic department. I would love for our lacrosse and baseball teams to go to the varsity level, but it does not work like that.

In order for his three suggested sports to become funded from the school that would mean that either the other men’s programs would need to be dropped or additional women’s programs would need to be added to meet Title IX requirements.

As for fixing the kitchen sink, that would not be a bad idea considering all of the verbal vomit you have fed down the drain of Collegian readers.

Addison Cilli



Editor’s note: CSU currently operates 10 varsity women’s sports programs and six varsity men’s programs. The reason more varsity sports programs can’t be added at CSU is due to funding, not Title IX.

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