Ram Talk

Apr 182006

Overheard in front of Morgan Library: “I think the architect who designed this said ‘here, son of mine who is 3 years old, put these tiny tiles together for the outside of the library.'” I think he might be on to something. There’s absolutely no rhyme or reason to those things.

To the guy who honestly thinks The Roots compares to Yellowcard. Get an IQ bigger than a squirrel.

To the guy who replied to the girl who said “to the guy who responded to the girl in Ram Talk,” remember when Ram Talk used to be full of funny one-liners?

For whoever called those of us who still wear blue jeans “swamp asses,” 80s in 20 percent humidity isn’t hot. You ought to try 110 in 85 percent humidity; it’s wonderful even in blue jeans.

This message is for the two beautiful young ladies I see in the rec. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday around 10 a.m. I’d like to reward you two for your stunning good looks and impeccable work ethic by taking you to a Nuggets playoff game. I have lower level seats and I’ll even buy you a treat of your choice from the nacho cart. Wear yellow on Friday if it’s a “Yes.”

Has anybody else noticed that the answers for the sudoku today are listed in the ”yesterday’s solution?” And to think, I worked on Monday’s sudoku for a good hour and the answers were right there. Does that make me oblivious for not noticing or virtuous for not cheating?

Every time I see those big sunglasses on you girls, I just think about an even bigger fly swatter.

I bet I could figure out the statistics as to who thinks ST204 is the biggest waste of time EVER!!!

To the girl whose phone I found. I gave it to your friend on Thursday in the plaza, so I don’t have it anymore, sorry. On a lighter note, what are the chances that you’re actually from my hometown? Maybe we have more in common…

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