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Apr 172006

After watching Mexican nationalists burn the American flag in a demonstration of Mexico’s clear superiority over the United States, I came up with a piece of advice for CSU graduates: Move to Mexico because they clearly have phenomenal job opportunities… at least better than any measly American job with those stupid benefits and big paychecks.

A lot of people take issue with those of us who use iPods on campus. I wear mine because I’m tired of hearing cell phone conversations. Cut cell phone use on campus, and I’m sure I won’t be the only one to gladly give up some of my iPod time.

On the Collegian Web site, you can “digg” an article… it’s dorky enough I know what that is, but even more so that I think it’s pretty damn neat.

It’s these great sunny Colorado springs where I think to myself, “Thank God I don’t go to an all-male college!”

I’m not sure what you have to do to piss off the Easter bunny but I guess I did it because there were no candies or plastic eggs in my dorm room on Sunday. Crap…

So did I read the flier correctly? Boulder gets the Roots, and we are stuck with Yellowcard and the Fray? I’m sorry music fans but that just is not right.

To the girl who bothered to go to the Student Fee Review Board meeting at the beginning of the month then wrote a letter to the editor: That is so dorky but so hot! Do you watch CSPAN too? I could love you forever if so.

Did anyone else in Animal Biology, BZ110, get the unbearable urge to watch “Finding Nemo” after Dr. Weeg showed the “Crazy Teleosts” slide?

My renewed faith in humankind has gone down since I heard back-to-back the songs “Grilz” and “I’m in Love With a Stripper.” OK seriously, people pay to hear that stuff?

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