Apr 172006
Authors: Scott Bondy

Last time I checked, the acronym MVP stood for most valuable player. And if this is correct, I see no debate as to whom the NBA MVP should go to. King (Lebron) James is simply a king among men.

If the award went to the best foreign-born player in the league, I’d give it to Dirk Nowitzki. If the award went to the most hated/liked player, I’d give it to Kobe. And finally, if I really had to give an award to the guy with the best hair, it’d be Steve Nash.

I think most people forget what the award really represents. It’s not necessarily given to the best player in the league; after all, Michael Jordan didn’t win every year.

So we’re talking about value. That automatically eliminates Dirk because with or without him, the Mavericks make the playoffs. I don’t think the MVP should ever go to a player if his team would make the playoffs without him.

Next up on the chopping block, Kobe. Like the commercial says, you either hate him or love him. I happen to be a hater. I’ve hated his image long before his sexual assault trial. I’ve hated the media’s portrayal of him as the next Jordan and I hated how he responded to it. Kobe put up a lot of points this year (35.4 ppg), but luckily value is not judged strictly on points.

Regardless of my “hate,” I still have a logical argument against him. Swap Kobe and Lebron and see what happens. I predict Lebron would take the Lakers to the playoffs yet Kobe couldn’t lead the Cavs. Lebron simply makes his teammates better, all the while putting up betting all-around numbers than Kobe.

The 21-year-old phenomenon (James) is averaging gaudy numbers across the board: 31.4 points per game, 7 rebounds and 6.6 assists. It literally baffles me. Not only this, he has led the Cavaliers to a 48-32 record (before Monday night’s game). If he’s not on that team, flip-flop that record.

Steve Nash presents a compelling argument. He won the MVP last year when he had help from all-star teammate Amare Stoudemire. His stats are comparable to last years’ but, thing is, he didn’t have the same kind of MVP competition as he does this year. And another side note on him, he plays hardly any D.

Lebron is the epitome of value when it comes to the NBA. I went through all 30 NBA teams. I counted 28 that he could take to playoffs next year. If that’s not value, I have no idea what is.

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