No new football stadium

Apr 162006

First, where would you put the new stadium? On top of the buildings on campus?

Unless you tear up the baseball and intramural fields (I’ll go into that later), there is nowhere to put it. Also, I could’ve sworn we just put more seats in Hughes, along with new box seats and improved media box seats. So all that money would be a waste?

Second, in order to improve a football team you need to get better coaches and a lot of regional coaches to scout for the coming years in the program. If you improve scouting, you will improve the football team, then you get a new stadium. Skill doesn’t just come from the facilities.

Third, if you were to put the stadium in the only logical place on campus, the intramural fields, you would have to rip up where the lacrosse and baseball teams play, and how can we make varsity teams with nowhere to play?

So, in conclusion it would be a complete waste to build a new stadium, because there is nowhere to put it on campus. We just made huge improvements to Hughes, and why have varsity squads if there is nowhere for them to play?

Brennan Vogt


history and liberal arts major

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