No money for athletics

Apr 162006

This information about President Larry Penley asking for more funds for the athletic department is incredible. Eighteen million dollars is not enough to maintain facilities, pay coaches and other costs associated with sporting events (concessions, team transportation, etc.)?

I do not really care for sports, and yes, that extra $30 a semester is important to me; not all of us are here on daddy’s dime. I want my money to go into programs I believe in and care about. How about new desks in Eddy, or expanded classrooms in the C-wing of Clark?

I do not know precisely how our athletic department operates, but I will make one major assumption: “Our sports stars” are not paying for anything. In high school, both in Band and Knowledge Bowl, we paid for travel, food and accommodations, minus any group discounts. Why am I financially burdened, and being asked to bear more burden, for these free-loading, butt-slapping jocks, who probably aren’t here for an education? Let them pay for themselves, and I bet the need for a budget increase will disappear.

I am, however, willing to make a deal with the athletic department: For one year, you donate $18 million to the history department, or the education department. You do this, and I will gladly give you my extra $30. In the meantime, I will keep calling President Penley a Bush-wannabe, for allowing and encouraging this unchecked, pork-barrel spending.

Ryan Speaker



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