Apr 162006
Authors: Michelle Zilis

After four weeks of competition, it was a sultry rendition of a modern blues favorite and a powerful country ballad that won over the audience and helped freshman Lindsay Davis take home the 2006 CSU Idol winner title Friday night in the Ramskeller.

Belting out “Fallin'” by Alicia Keys in the first round and “There You’ll Be” by Faith Hill in the second, Davis, a fashion design major, out-sang three other competitors during the final night of performances.

“It’s really cool,” Davis said of the victory. “It was an honor to just be competing against the other (performers). They were all so good.”

Hosted by Live Life Late and ASAP, this year’s Idol began with 15 singers. Rounds were held every Friday night for the past four weeks until three finalists were chosen by audience votes for the final night of competition.

Friday night’s competition consisted of each contestant singing two songs, being evaluated by the three judges and having the audience ballots decide the victor.

“It was a really close competition this year,” said event MC Baker Machado, junior speech/communication major. “All four finalists could have easily won and I wouldn’t have been surprised.”

After her first round, dean of Liberal Arts and Idol judge Blane Harding told Davis she “was really making the competition tough for the audience.”

However, it was Davis’ second song by Faith Hill that seemed to bring it home for her.

Deon Wilson, a sophomore open-option major and other finalist also showed his talent, singing Usher and Tyrese songs.

“I chose those songs for tonight’s round because they’re my greatest influences; I like their sound and they’re kind of hot,” Wilson said of his song choices.

Wilson worked the stage as the opening performer with outfits inspired by his songs and props to go along with them. During “Sweet Lady” Wilson wore a trucker hat that was strategically placed, and during “You Got it Bad,” Wilson wore sunglasses and gave away a red rose to a woman sitting in the front row.

Wilson was praised by the judges for his audience connection along with his outfit choices.

Following Davis in the show, freshman Jodi Wilts rocked the house with two country songs, both accompanied by the country look and dance. She gave attitude and even got a standing ovation from some of the audience afterwards.

Second judge and senior liberal arts major Nic Redavid told Wilts her performance was, “awesome.” He also told her it was, “one of, if not the best, performances throughout the whole competition.”

Last to take the stage was senior biology major Nellie Stisser, who performed two songs from her favorite genre, Soul/R&B, to show off her wide vocal range.

Stisser’s second song, “I Should’ve Cheated” by Keyshia Cole, was preformed with so much attitude that it blew most people away. Her small stature and modest dress made her appear sweet and innocent, yet she got out there for the performance and worked it, according to the reaction of the judges.

“You appear to be so innocent, and then here you are singing a song about cheating, it’s fantastic,” Harding told her when she finished.

Theresa French, a sophomore Engish literature major, was personally pulling for Stisser.

“I thought she was the best with both songs,” she said. “Her voice was so strong and clear.”

All four of the competitors were extremely praiseworthy of one another, claiming the competition was lots of fun, and it would be great to win, but all four were deserving. Wilson seemed to be a big hit among the lady competitors when asked whom, if not them, they would want to win. Wilson ended up as one of the two finalists.

“The competition was really fun,” Stisser said. “Everyone was so down to earth it made it really enjoyable – just a great experience.”

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