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Apr 122006

It took me exactly 36 minutes to read every article in the newspaper and 22 minutes to do the Soduku, and my shortest class is 50 minutes, and I typically have three classes a day. Can I recommend doubling the newspaper content so I have something to do in my philosophy class? Thank You.

So does anyone else think it’s a bit sketchy that considering athletics’ recent accounting troubles, that there was a 1-800-SHRED IT truck out in front of the McGraw center yesterday?

You know what I hate… when you’re walkin’ straight at someone, and you don’t know which way they’re going and they don’t know which way you’re going, so you end up looking like you’re juking a defensive back in the Super Bowl.

Anyone find it odd that CSU tells us to never put public information like our phone number and address on Facebook, and then they put our phone number and address on the online public directory?

Is there any way to build a giant wall around Fort Collins to keep the wind out… and the dirty hippies?

Hey environmental people, you should start a campaign to “Clean Up Your Butts” to teach all these highly educated college kids around here that they are not too good to pick up their cigarette butts.

Woodpeckers strangely hammer on metal lights to attract mates. The louder the noise, the better the woodpecker’s mate. This is similar to the strange CSU phenomenon where the more popped collars you have on, the more holes you have in your pants, and the bigger your sunglasses are, the more attractive you are to potential mates… nature is a beautiful thing.

If I had a nickel for every half-naked student I’ve seen laying around, I would have enough money to buy a Chalupa from Taco Bell, which by the way, tastes really good.

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