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Apr 112006

Based on observations from playing Frisbee next to Allison Hall, I have come to the following conclusion: The College of Business is really an undercover factory for producing beautiful women.

So I was leafing through the napkin holder while eating and chanced on a card about moderation, healthy eating and such… very next card: “Guilty Pleasures Buffet.” Are we getting mixed messages or what??

I’m the guy that ran from the bike police that has been mentioned a couple of times, so I thought I’d send in my two cents. Here it is: If by “caught me,” you mean I got off campus, was completely hung over and decided to stop, then you are half right. If you mean your partner then RAN INTO MY STOPPED BIKE and flipped over, also “eating it,” well, now you’ve got it. Crack team of bike specialists you all are. Keep up the good work.

I was thinking, instead of synthesizing dibenzylideneacetone in o-chem 2 lab, why not have students synthesize methamphetamine? We’d be killing two birds with one stone, students would gain valuable experience, and we could sell it to eliminate the CSU budget issues! New stadium? Sounds good to me.

I think I should be able to major in awesome-ness and minor in kicking ass. That would look great on a resume.

To the person who wrote about snow days: “Sucka!” from the whole senior class. Man, that week after Spring Break freshman year was sweet. Complete dorm mayhem.

To the person in Philosophy PL100 with 159/165: take one for the team and miss a quiz would ya?

Did I miss out on some great tragedy on campus, or is there a reason that everyone walks around campus with a stern look and a big ol’ frown?

Woodpeckers strangely hammer on metal lights to attract mates, the louder the noise, the better the woodpecker mate! This is similar to the strange phenomenon where the more popped collars you have on, the more holes you have in your pants, and the bigger your sunglasses are, the more attractive you are to college student mates!

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