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Authors: Cari Merrill The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Phoenix spent Tuesday afternoon lounging on the steps of the Clark A building, soaking up springtime rays and garnering attention for the Larimer Humane Society.

The furry Saint Bernard is the house dog at Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity and acted as the poster girl for SAE’s fortune bracelet fundraiser.

“We’re trying to raise awareness for the humane society,” said Joey Perez, a junior landscape architect major and vice president of SAE. “Since we are a fraternity that owns a pet, it was a good cause.”

The SAE men made about 500 bracelets that are available in six categories including health, love, luck and wisdom. When the bracelet naturally falls off, the wearer’s wish comes true, Perez said.

In the fall 2004, the fraternity sold the same bracelets to raise money for Saint Jude’s Children Hospital. SAE raised about $1,500 that year and hopes to meet or surpass that amount for the humane society.

There is no official cost for the fortune bracelets, but Perez said there is a suggested donation of $1 to $2 per bracelet.

The Larimer Humane Society is a non-profit organization that relies on donations. Kimberly Vowell, humane educator for the Larimer Humane Society, said the organization partnered with the fraternity to bring animal adoption awareness to college students.

“I thought it was a good effort and a good group of guys wanting to help out in the organization,” she said. “Awareness is our mission for being out here.”

The humane society will use the money from the bracelets for the “most highly needed function at that time,” Vowell said. Those needs could range from veterinary care to general operations, like keeping the water running and electricity on at the facility.

The 3-year-old purebred Saint Bernard at SAE was not adopted from the humane society because of the fraternity’s tradition of only having a purebred canine, said Bill Dawson, a sophomore construction management major and member of SAE. Dawson said the fraternity “most definitely” would consider adopting their next dog from a breed rescue.

For information about volunteering at the Larimer Humane Society, visit their Web site at www.larimerhumane.org. Volunteer sessions are held four times a year.

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Phoenix and Sigma Alpha Epsilon will be on the lawn of the Lory Student Center Plaza, next to the Natural Resources building today through Friday. In case of bad weather, the group will move inside the Clark A building. There is no set price for the bracelets but a suggested donation is $1 to $2.

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