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Apr 102006

I would just like to comment on the Collegian’s reporting of CSU sports and the athletic department. There seems to be really no respect to what goes on at the McGraw Athletic Center; you shouldn’t talk down a department in your university. The articles in Wednesday’s paper really made them look bad.

The fact that there is not a lot of money in the athletic department is not because of mismanagement of funds, as was insinuated. It is because there is not a lot of money coming in. I really support President Penley’s fee increase for athletics. It is not the answer, but it is a start.

We pay much less in student fees to athletics than our peer universities; we should pay as much as they do. As we graduate and become alumni, we should give back to our university. We don’t, and that is why we are in the situation we are in.

Large donations help, but they have to go toward specific projects. Besides that one front-page article, there were two other articles on the back page that also made us look bad. Let’s concentrate on the positive and keep the negative away.

There are always complaints about how sports aren’t doing well. Collegian, you are in a place of power to encourage students to support our teams and athletics, and you do a very poor job of it. Maybe you should look for the positives more often, like how two of our tennis players beat the second-ranked doubles team in the country, and there was nothing about it.

I would support a team more if I knew what was going on with them.

Melanie Calderwood


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