Apr 102006

Many areas of your recent article concern me. First, to insinuate that Satan might be running the country is ludicrous. Second, a general knowledge of the history of Afghanistan would help you in your critique of Muslims. And third, you apply a logical fallacy to your entire article.

You sarcastically state, “They were doing so well without us.” Until the West and imperialism reached that part of the globe and ignited events to the point we see them today, they were doing fine. You must know of the $2 billion given to anti-communist forces in Afghanistan during the Reagan presidency. But, after the Soviet’s withdrawal, the United States was no where to be seen for another 20 years until 2001, well after the Taliban, whom you vaguely mention, took control.

Next, you seem almost disappointed that the beheading did not take place because of the court decision. There are political, not supernatural, reasons for the dismissal of the case in relation to good foreign policy and their local interests of sustaining control.

Lastly, you perform the fallacy of composition by applying what a small number of individuals of a group desire (such as the destruction of the United States and the beheading of Christians) to the whole. All Christians would then be responsible for the Inquisition, the crusades, the subjugation of Latin America and Africa, and the Holocaust if we applied this reasoning elsewhere.

Reconsider your ignorant assumptions. Do not blindly blame Muslims for all religious persecution.

Patrick Potyondy


history and English

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