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Apr 092006

So, every single time I walk past the library, I have the sudden urge to just climb its walls…I can’t possibly be the only one who feels this way, can I? I mean come on, rock climbing isn’t a sport, it’s a way of life!

I don’t know about the rest of my motorcycle-riding compadres, but I’m down for a road warrior sequel any day of the week.

I think the guy who timed the lights in Fort Collins needs to use the “repeat delete” option and try that one again.

I sincerely appreciate all of those people who stopped to make sure I was OK after I “ate it.” I just thought I would let everyone know, that the guy on the road bike didn’t get away, he was caught, arrested, and charged by the other two bike cops!

Thank you so much to whoever turned in my small purple spiral notebook to the College of Liberal Arts office (since I was careless enough to leave it in the bathroom). But seriously though, you have restored my faith in humankind.

To the person that so honestly turned my iPod in at the library where I obliviously left it. I want to thank you so much and I hope that you get rewarded in some form or another for your honesty. There should be more people like you. You have given me faith in humankind again, something that I have recently had to question. Thank you.

So someone should really start a support group for the confused woodpecker. Such a pitiful thing to watch.

So I’m on the bus, and this girl is listening to her friend talk about a new island in the Hawaii chain and she asks her, “So how do new islands form? Do they just float up?” And I’m thinking, am I actually at a UNIVERSITY???

So, did you know that when you call RamRide, you don’t need to call every five minutes to check on your ride? It’s coming, SERIOUSLY!!!

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