Apr 092006
Authors: Natasha Grunden

Hillel hosted a Chocolate Seder on Thursday in the Durrell Center Bottoms in honor of Passover, which begins Wednesday night.

This is the second year Hillel has hosted the non-traditional event, this year with co-sponsorship by the Residence Hall Association (RHA), said Rachael Osofsky, a Jewish Campus Service Carp Fellow for Hillel.

Passover is a holiday commemorating the Jews’ exodus from Egypt and is the most celebrated and well-known Jewish holiday, Osofsky said.

A Seder is the traditional retelling of that story of Exodus. The Chocolate Seder features chocolate goods in place of the traditional food symbols used at a Passover dinner. For example, chocolate milk in place of wine and bittersweet chocolate in favor of bitter herbs, such as horseradish.

“This is more relaxed without the pressure of a traditional Passover Seder,” said Stephanie Kroll, sophomore biology major and Hillel member. “It’s a good introduction to the Jewish culture as well.”

The Seder worked much like its traditional counterpart, including the prayers with the food being the only exception. Similarly, while the group was told the traditional Hebrew name for an item, it also learned the chocolate treat that represents it.

RHA helped promote the Chocolate Seder by posting promotional fliers in the residence halls and the dining centers.

“We wanted to get first year students from the dorms who want to become involved,” Kroll said.

The group included a mix of Jewish and non-Jewish attendees.

“I came because I’m not Jewish and wanted to come learn about Passover,” said Candace Fairchild, a junior history education major.

“This was great for people to come and experience something they haven’t had a chance to,” said Kate Loyd, a freshman Spanish major. “It was really fun to come and experience something new.”

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Today is the last day to register for Passover Seder. The cost it $10 for students and $18 for the general public and can be dropped off to room N16 in the lower level of the Lory Student Center.

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