Apr 092006
Authors: Joe Dziemianowicz New York Daily News

The final chapter of “Will & Grace” will be the end of the line as far as for co-stars Eric McCormack and Debra Messing working together.

For good.

“That’s what TV does today,” said McCormack.

The Emmy-winning actor believes that, after eight years, audiences just won’t buy them together unless they’re playing their “Will & Grace” characters attorney Will Truman and decorator Grace Adler.

“People used to watch the same couple fall in love in four different movies, but Debra and I will never have that,” he said. “That’s part of the reason the next few weeks will be so sad.”

McCormack and company shot the second-to-last episode of “Will & Grace” the week before last.

“The final episode has been written, but that’s all I’m saying,” he said, clamming up when asked about the futures of Truman and company.

The sitcom wraps up its eight-year run on NBC with an hour-long finale airing May 18.

And, no, McCormack won’t be watching the show’s last installment with Messing and the rest of the “W&G” cast.

He will be on stage of the Lucille Lortel Theatre in the Village, where he is set to co-star in Neil LaBute’s dark comedy “Some Girl(s).” Co-stars for the play’s five-week run include Fran Drescher (“The Nanny”) and Maura Tierney (“ER”).

McCormack portrays a man who visits four ex-girlfriends before taking the marriage plunge – a bit of a stretch from gay lawyer Will Truman.

He pursued the part on the recommendation of Messing, who’d been offered a role but turned it down.

“She said, ‘If there ever was a part I’d like to see you play after Will, it would be this,'” he said, adding that going from prime-time TV to Off-Broadway “is the biggest pay cut in history.”

Don’t feel too sorry for him. McCormack has produced an office comedy called “Lovespring,” about the lamest dating service in the United States. It is set to begin airing in June on Lifetime.

And he still has hopes of collaborating with Messing.

“I’ve always had this fantasy to write something for her and to direct her in it,” he said. “There’s few people like her. We’ve had something special.”

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