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Apr 062006

This letter is in response to the opinion of the Collegian staff that ran Monday that advocated “Dyrdahl and Dobinsky for ASCSU heads.” Not only does this demonstrate a complete disregard for maintaining a bipartisan election, but it also presents the possibility of swaying an election. While voicing an opinion is important, as a media source that is supposed to be representative of CSU students, your staff should know the importance of presenting all sides of a story ACCURATELY. The Collegian staff, more often than not, present stories that are untruthful and contain numerous errors. How many times has YOUR staff failed to meet with scheduled appointments with a representative of ASCSU?

Perhaps if your staff stuck to their commitments you would be able to get the real story. Reliability is also another issue with your newspaper. For the past two weeks, articles targeting ASCSU have been printed that have encompassed false information, representatives of this university and for standards of the profession. You are unable to provide evidence of what is to become of the future if one presidential ticket is elected over the other. Since when is the Collegian the best at judging, remember T-H-E-I-F? The decision that was made to publish such an inappropriate and unacceptable article during election week improperly influences students who are not taking the initiative to educate themselves and find out for themselves what each campaign stands for.

Estevan Lee Jaimes and Allison Tuffield

ASCSU Supreme Court

Associate Justices

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