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Apr 062006

So, I admit I was a little shocked to see the words “Athletics face economic cuts” blazed across the top of the Collegian on Wednesday.

The athletics department has definitely had some trouble over the past year, what with the loss of an athletic director, a poor showing in ticket sales for football games, unfortunate upsets by our football and men’s and women’s basketball teams and a general downward trend in the attractiveness of CSU for potential star athletes.

Now, add to this the idea that budget problems are plaguing the program and the university really is in trouble. President Penley proposes student fee increases to cover the $1 million deficit for the coming year, and I say fine. But if we’re going to go for fee increases earmarked for athletics, let’s say $20, and not $15 (proposed to be added to the $2.06 already approved) per student. This would provide $500,000 (as opposed to $375,000 at $15 per student) that could easily be matched by boosters and alumni at a miniscule cost to students. It’s a bigger problem than that, but as President Penley said, “It’s a start.”

Steve McVicker


international studies major

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