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In 2004, the Orlando Sentinel newspaper ran an editorial supporting John F. Kerry – the first time the paper has not supported a Republican candidate since Richard M. Nixon, according to The Washington Post.

Closer to home, in 2004, The Denver Post changed its mind from the previous election and published an editorial supporting Bush over Kerry. In fact, hundreds of papers across the nation ran editorials providing opinions on how voters should vote.

On opinion pages – like this one – rules of objectivity don’t necessarily apply. It is, after all, called an “opinion page.”

Several students feel that the Collegian’s editorial board should not have weighed in on the ASCSU election. We encourage them to continue feeling – hopefully, if they feel around enough, they’ll find a handrail or a seeing-eye dog.

The Collegian is not part of the student government. We owe no more to the members of the student government than to any other reader. In fact, as a group composed of elected officials, the student government owes our readers and us.

News outlets will have opinions of government officials. We’re in college, the last stop in life before the “real world.” It’s a fine time to get used to this idea.

There will be times that we disagree with the student government – its decisions or activities. That doesn’t mean we don’t respect the ASCSU, its members or the time they put in. It just means we disagree.

As far as our editorial on Monday, both parties were warned that we would endorse a candidate. The president- and vice president-elects, Jason Green and Sadie Conrad, scheduled two meetings with the five members of the Collegian editorial board and stood us up both times. Their competitors, Jess Dyrdahl and Brett Dobinsky, showed.

It’s common sense: If you stand someone up on a first date, fail to show up at his or her door the next evening, don’t expect a goodnight kiss.

We’re no strangers to being incredibly busy. But one (or two) can be busy and still maintain his or her integrity. We congratulate Jason Green and Sadie Conrad on their election. We had always believed in their platform and favored their ideas and philosophy, but our experience with them made us question their willingness or ability to follow through once elected.

So take that as a respectful challenge.

And to be frank, a newspaper’s role isn’t to make anyone happy. It’s to serve its readers. On our opinion page, we strive to provide thought-provoking content. On a good day, we’ll bring to light an important topic. On a great day, maybe we’ll inspire a debate.

We’ll never strive to keep everyone happy all of the time. Just informed, interested and empowered with a voice.

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