To the Editor

Apr 052006

This is in response to the editorial written in Tuesday’s paper regarding what ASCSU can do for the students at CSU.

First of all, the students at CSU should know that 3-unrelated no longer exists on the books and ASCSU lobbied the city council for a compromise by having boarding houses where more than three people can live in a house.

The lobbying included our president, vice president, director of community affairs and senators testifying to the city council as well as resolution 3507, which can be seen on the ASCSU Web site.

Also, the Collegian has been running our ads about the new ordinances in Fort Collins to inform the campus so that students will not get fined large sums of money.

In regards to the parking, there is a parking services committee that meets every month that six students may sit on. This is an external committee that ASCSU does not have control of because faculty sit on the committee as well.

Lastly, I would like to address your opinion of having more visible leaders. ASCSU does various events to allow students to know we exist, which include ASCSU days on the plaza, advertisements and our Web site. We have an open-door policy in our office and encourage all students to come visit.

If any student has any recommendations to THEIR student government about becoming more visible on campus please contact us.

Stacey Smith


College of Liberal Arts

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To the Editor

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Apr 052006

Regarding the “Our View” in the Collegian on April 3, “Vote Dyrdahl and Dobinsky for ASCSU,” Am I to understand that the very same publication that chastised ASCSU for being a “passive student government” is now telling students to vote for a ticket that is “less revolutionary” and has “simple, reachable goals?”

To what point and purpose? Is it really the Collegian’s position that busy students who miss a meeting or two are so untrustworthy that the students of CSU are better off having a student government that has no dreams or passion for real, meaningful change?

Surely all students have had scheduling conflicts, even ASCSU members or the editorial board of the Collegian. But is that truly more important than a proven track record of engaging a large and diverse group of other students in their university experience?

Courtney Przybylski


technical journalism major

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