Apr 052006
Authors: Hailey McDonald

The review you have all been waiting for: The delightfully tacky, yet unrefined, Hooters. Let’s get right down to the core of the situation. Yes, the waitresses are super hot. Yes, the sports coverage is quite amazing. Finally, yes, the wings are unbeatable.

The reviewing board and myself rolled into Hooters on the evening of the men’s NCAA championship game. After being seated at a tall table with barstools in the middle of the restaurant, we ordered the full lineup of wing offerings. Although chicken appetizers in the form of finger-foods are always a classy choice, we agreed that the hot original Hooters wings were top-notch.

However delicious the wings may be, though, you can’t be afraid to get dirty. It’s not exactly possible to eat them daintily, so prepare to go barbaric on them and literally suck the meat off the bones… and then use the roll of paper towels in the center of your table to mop up the mess.

The entrees are typical pub food: Buffalo chicken sandwiches, fish and chips, burgers and the mysteriously popular grilled cheese sandwich. You wouldn’t think you would go out to a restaurant and order grilled cheese unless you were four years old, but it seemed that there was at least one grown man devouring one at each table.

The service was mediocre. I don’t know if my expectations were a little too high for Hooters, but in the end, I left somewhat disappointed. Although the service could have been better, the waitresses definitely contributed to the atmosphere. I noticed they were all very social with many of the customers and maintained cheerful moods that made my Hooters experience memorable.

Hooters seems to do a pretty good job of targeting their typical customer with sports, food, beer and actual hooters, but I think there is room for improvement.

Rather than tables with barstools, why not have tables that are conducive to Lazy Boy recliners? Rather than all sports on T.V., why don’t they show movies like “Major League” and “Baseketball” as well? Although it may take time, I have faith that some college grad will put their business degree to use and integrate improvements similar to these into Hooters dining.

In the end, expect to pay about $5 to $9 for an entree. The food is comfort food. Other than the wings, you could probably whip up a Hooters meal at home, but it’s the experience that really makes dining there worthwhile. There’s nothing that compares to watching European football and baseball at the same time while having a happy hour beer ($1.50 before 6 p.m.) and slathering your face with hot buffalo sauce.

The Drinks

Surprisingly, you shouldn’t expect much from the drink choices at Hooters. They have a bar but lack a variety of drinks. There isn’t even a menu. Besides a bunch of domestic drafts they offer Easy Street and Fat Tire. That was disappointing considering you can get those anywhere. Drink specials aren’t that good either, considering they hardly have any.

Here’s the Skinny:

Food: B

Service: B

Atmosphere: A

Drinks: D

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