Ram Talk

Apr 052006

To the person awoken by the trash truck at 6 a.m. … Isn’t that better than being shaken from a deep sleep at 2 a.m. by the moans of pleasure from your downstairs neighbor??? Welcome to the nightmare that is my existence.

Anybody else studied on the third floor of the library lately? It’s like a sauna up there! I know it’s not summer yet, but somebody should think about turning on some air conditioning…

To the honest person who found my wallet in the Gifford computer lab and turned it in, thank you so much! You have no idea how much it meant to me; you definitely have good karma coming your way.

I get high on life, and by life I mean Life cereal.

I just saw the funniest thing on Facebook. Someone wrote on the wall of another friend: “I’m so sorry for hitting you with my car last Friday. I’m a good driver I swear! I thought you were just a yellow cone. Well, I hope you’re not too mad at me.”

Now that people get made fun of through Ramtalk, I really watch what I do around strangers to make sure I’m not the next laughing stock of Ramtalk.

So today I held a door open for a guy on crutches for like 30 seconds and he went through without saying a word. You’re welcome, buddy.

How many bike cops does it take to give a kid a ticket for running a stop sign? From what I saw yesterday, apparently four: One to write the ticket and three to stand around and watch.

Does anyone else think the guys who wear their motorcycle jackets to class with the body armor metal plates and sweet leather should all get together and make a “Road Warrior” sequel?

You got shot in the eye at the Rec Center? First the computer in the library, now people in other buildings. Oh, I’m watchin’ my back.

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