Apr 052006
Authors: Vimal Patel The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Pot legalization proponents will hold a rally tonight in the Lory Student Center Theatre to bolster support for the Alcohol-Marijuana Equalization Initiative.

The event, scheduled for 7 p.m., will feature SAFER (Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation) campaign director Mason Tvert, Colorado’s state chairman of the Libertarian Party Travis Nicks, Poudre Valley Green Party leader Nancy York and Brian Vicente, executive director for Sensible Colorado.

“The CSU and Fort Collins communities face serious alcohol-related problems,” Tvert said in a statement. “If adults here would rather use marijuana than alcohol, why on earth would we want to stop them and push them toward drinking?”

The proposed statewide measure would legalize pot use and possession by adults 21 and older. It would allow individual cities – though Fort Collins is guided by state law – to determine the legality of the plant.

The drug would still remain illegal under federal law, but experts said it’s extremely rare for the federal government to intervene in minor pot cases.

Tvert garnered national and international attention when his group spearheaded I-100 in Denver, making the city the first in the nation to eliminate all penalties for recreational use and possession of small amounts of pot.

Vicente defended Eric Footer, a Denver resident who was cited for pot possession after I-100 was certified. Prosecutors dropped all charges against Footer, saying the search of his vehicle was done improperly.

Following the rally there will be a showing of the 1936 anti-pot cult-classic, “Reefer Madness.”

And at 10 p.m., Cheba Hut on Laurel Street is hosting an after-hours fundraiser for the campaign. The band Modus will be playing. The cover charge is $10.

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