No honor in war

Apr 052006

To all the fanatically pro-military types: U.S. sovereignty has not been threatened since World War II, when the entire world united to defend against the aspirations of an unscrupulous, murderous tyrant and his allies.

The war in Iraq has nothing to do with our freedoms, and even the heinous World Trade Center attack was not intended to take over America.

If you want to thank someone for your freedoms, thank the American Civil Liberties Union. Thank someone who got arrested for sitting in a “whites only” seat. Thank someone who petitioned Congress for civil rights. Thank a Supreme Court justice.

There is no honor in war, unless your definition of honor is killing foreign people in their own land and if you define sacrifice as being killed in the pursuit thereof.

War is obsolete; we have become too efficient at killing. Nobody wins. Even out of the context of nuclear war, there’s a quote from “Hunt for Red October” that rings true in the guerilla war in Iraq: “A war with no battles, no monuments…only casualties.”

We are breaking more and more laws, domestic and international, to spread “democracy.” There is no one to keep us in check but ourselves, and we’re doing a lousy job of it.

Now, I am sympathetic to our efforts in Afghanistan to capture Osama bin Laden and his henchmen (if anyone remembers who that man is…apparently the president forgot), but I afford no more respect (and no less respect either) to a soldier than to any other human being. The “honorable” course of action in Iraq is to leave…we ousted another tyrant, but we are not wanted there anymore. If you want to defend your country, learn how to shoot a rifle and get a job at home. Don’t expect any kowtowing, discounts or pity from me for picking a job where you have an extremely high likelihood of getting killed.

Tim Bessler


computer information systems and German major

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