Apr 052006
Authors: Elena Ulyanova

Jason Green and Sadie Conrad swept the 2006-2007 presidential and vice presidential election for the Associated Students of CSU by 410 votes Wednesday night.

“It’s surreal because we worked our butts off and you just never know if you did enough for the students,” Green said.

Conrad was also very pleased with the results and shared her excitement as she hugged her friends and accepted their congratulations.

“I’m ecstatic; we had absolutely no idea how it was going to turn out,” Conrad said.

For Jessica Dyrdahl and Brett Dobinsky, there were no such elated emotions.

Dyrdahl said that she was surprised about the results because she had expected a much closer vote.

“You spend so much time, energy and effort not over just the past few weeks, but the past few months so it’s definitely a letdown. Hopefully it will lead to bigger and better things,” Dyrdahl said.

Although she did not receive her desired position, Dyrdahl said plans to continue working for ASCSU.

“My passion is for the students and I’m not going to let that go to waste. I’m true to my word,” Dyrdahl said.

Dobinsky was unavailable for comment.

A total of 4, 554 students — 20.18 percent — voted in the election, down from last year’s 21.4 percent. Green and Conrad received 2,447 votes and Jessica Dyrdahl and Brett Dobinsky collected 2,037 votes. Courtney Healey and Jon Muller won the election last year by a narrower margin — 128 votes.

Healey was pleased with the voter turnout and said that she felt either campaign would have been successful as president and vice president.

“I’m positive Jason and Sadie will do an excellent job for students,” Healey said. “Taking over is an overwhelming process. As long as people are willing to learn, which they are, they will do a fantastic job transitioning.”

Jason Huitt, election manager, was also content with the results.

“We had one of the most successful elections in ASCSU history,” Huitt said. “I think a 20 percent voter turnout really validates the results that we received and I’m excited so see these student leaders who have worked very hard to win the election get the chance to do what they were elected to do.”

Campaign costs for Green and Conrad totaled $1,323 while Dyrdahl and Dobinsky spent $1,481.

The election ballot also featured two referendum questions for students to voice their opinions on. The referendum question asking for students’ approval of the ASCSU constitution resulted in 82 percent ratification. Fifty-five percent of students chose an on-campus photo for the design of next year’s identification card.

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