Apr 052006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

A total of 4,554 students, or 20.18 percent, turned out to vote in this week’s Associated Students of CSU presidential election.

Jason Green and Sadie Conrad won by 410 votes, not a small margin compared to last year’s difference of 128 votes between the winners and losers.

Obviously this year the choice was clearer even though there were slightly more voters last year when 21.4 percent of students voted.

While voter turnout may have been low, the influence this election could have on students’ lives is high.

Now is the time for Green and Conrad to prove that their constituency made the right choice.A main point of their campaign was better communication among university groups and with ASCSU. They also want to be more visible to the student body.

Now is the time for them to start acting on their ideas.

We’ve seen them making campaign promises on the plaza for two weeks; let’s hope we see them fulfill those promises for the next 50.

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