Don’t take sides

Apr 052006

Monday’s opinion section of the Collegian was truly a bad move on behalf of the editorial staff.

As the primary source of student media, I feel that it is important that you all remain neutral in the politics of student government.

Although labeled as opinion, the visual rhetoric found in the title was odd enough to sway voters who aren’t knowledgeable of the issues at hand. It is my belief that while the Collegian editors may have some personal connections with the Jesse and Brett campaign, those connections should be suppressed to maintain the integrity of the newspaper as a whole.

I don’t expect you to change your opinion, but simply understand the error of your method. Understand that as the most prominent form of media on campus it is your job to simply cover the campaigns and not become part of the campaign.

The deed has been done and I don’t expect this response to completely change the methods of journalism applied to the Collegian; I mean, after all, Nemo Repente fit summus – translation – no one becomes perfect suddenly – St. Thomas Aquinas

Javon Baker


speech communications major

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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