Apr 042006
Authors: Margaret Canty

From overseeing the numerous campaign rules and regulations to approving advertisements and keeping track of expenses, 10 students are busy before, during, and after Associated Students of CSU ballots are cast.

The elections committee – consisting this year of four freshmen, four ASCSU members, a deputy elections manager and manager Jason Huitt – meets bi-weekly during the campaigns to supervise the election process from start to finish.

“We’re in charge of executing the election for ASCSU,” said Huitt, a senior business major. “We make sure the election is run in a fair and impartial manner, and every candidate and campaign complies with the rules to make sure there is a level playing field.”

The committee oversees how candidates conduct themselves and their campaigns, decides and enforces what is and what is not allowed in a campaign, helps put together the ballot and is involved in “every detail” of the elections, Huitt said.

Although the committee doesn’t necessarily make its own election rules, they ensure that campaign rules already made by the senate are enforced.

“We’ll only make a rule where there are no other previously existing rules that apply to a problem we’re facing,” Huitt said.

Committee members are chosen directly by Huitt and ASCSU President Courtney Healey. Healey exclusively appointed Huitt.

“Members must be approved by the senate, so students have a say in every step of the process,” he said.

Being a committee member comes with a large responsibility to stay impartial when it comes to the candidates. Zane Guilfoyle, a sophomore psychology major and committee member, said he must interact with all candidates equally and can never wear a candidate’s campaign material.

Despite these rules and regulations, Guilfoyle sees the committee as a positive asset.

“I was interested in elections and the election process,” he said. “The committee is a good way to see the campaign form the outside without joining a side. It allows you to see a bigger picture than working on an individual campaign.”

Committee members keep a close eye on candidates and every detail of their campaigns.

“We deal with any violations,” said MJ Miranda, a senior psychology major. “We monitor the campaigns and discuss an appropriate course of action for violations.”

Huitt said the only violation this year was an event on www.Facebook.com that was created before it was approved.

“All material must be approved, including online marketing like Facebook, MySpace and other Web sites,” he said.

Huitt believes it is extremely important for all students to vote in this year’s election.

“The ASCSU president, vice president and senators represent students to the administration and every other part of the university. They also represent the students to the board of governors and state legislation,” he said. “These elections will determine how the student body is represented next year.”



Jason Huitt – elections manager, senior business

Brett Gulick – deputy elections manager, senior geology

Gary Booth – senior political, science

Marisa Fails – freshman business, administration

Zane Guilfoyle – sophomore, psychology

Marisa Lucero – freshman, business administration

MJ Miranda – senior, psychology

Ashley Ray – freshman, open option

Robert Steele – senior, accounting

Shelby Wood – junior, art history

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